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“Big Time” is the title of a run of comic book storylines in The Amazing Spider-Man, published by Marvel Comics starting…

“””Big Time”” is the title of a run of comic book storylines in The Amazing Spider-Man, published by Marvel Comics starting in 2010 and ending in 2011. It follows the 102 consecutive issues of the “”Brand New Day”” publishing scheme and is the first shift in publishing for The Amazing Spider-Man since “”Brand New Day”” began. The frequency of publication dropped from three issues monthly to two issues, but the length of the comic book expanded from 22 to 30 pages. This extra length is sometimes used for back-up stories and sometimes for a longer main story. Concurrently with the story going in The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel also started the new series Spider-Girl vol. 2, Osborn, and Carnage which are considered a part of “”Big Time.”” All nine issues of “”Big Time”” have sold out at Diamond Comic Distributors and have a second printing with a variant cover.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #648 through #651 Peter starts a new job at Horizon Labs after a recommendation from Marla Jameson to the head of the lab gets him the job. Phil Urich takes over the identity of the Hobgoblin after killing Daniel Kingsley. Spider-Man is unable to stop the theft because of the Hobgoblin’s Lunatic Laugh. Peter uses his new job at Horizon Labs to create a suit that uses harmonics to prevent the Lunatic Laugh from affecting him. Spider-Man and the Black Cat infiltrate the building of the Kingpin to get the experimental metal back.

In the back up stories in The Amazing Spider-Man #649 through #651 Alistair Smythe breaks Mac Gargan out of prison and gives him a new Scorpion costume. These events directly lead into the “”Revenge of the Spider-Slayer”” story that follows.

Dan Slott Author Information:

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics’ The Amazing Spider-Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider-Man, and Ren & Stimpy

Humberto Ramos Artist Information:

Humberto Ramos (born 27 November 1970) is a Mexican comic book penciller, best known for his work on American comic books such as Impulse, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man and his creator-owned series Crimson.

Marvel Comics

Country of Origin: US Founded in: 1939
Information: Marvel Worldwide Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics and formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group, is an American publisher of comic books and related media. In 2009, The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Worldwide’s parent company. Marvel started in 1939 as Timely Publications, and by the early 1950s had generally become known as Atlas Comics. Marvel’s modern incarnation dates from 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and many others. Marvel counts among its characters such well-known properties as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider, such teams as the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men, and antagonists such as Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Kingpin, Magneto, Doctor Doom, Loki, Thanos, and the Red Skull. Most of Marvel’s fictional characters operate in a single reality known as the Marvel Universe, with locations that mirror real-life cities. Characters such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Daredevil, and Dr. Strange are based in New York City, whereas the X-Men have historically been based in Salem Center, New York, and the Hulk’s stories often have been set in the American Southwest.
Story Series: Big Time

Main Character: Spider-Man
Appearing Characters: Black Cat, Kingpin, Hobgoblin, Alistair Smythe, Mac Gargan, New Avengers, Wolverine, Gwen Stacy, Captain America

Author: Dan Slott
Artist: Humberto Ramos, Marcos Martin, Stefano Caselli
EAN/ISBN: 759606076543
Publisher: MARVEL
Publishing Year: 2011″

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