Apple iPhone 5 / 5S Aztec Case – Spring Colored – Geometric – Black Slim Rubber Case

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Brand new. Durable, Black Slim Rubber Case built with slim flexible outer-shell. Custom made phone cases specifically designed to fit Apple iPhone 5 / 5S perfectly. Aztec Inspired design. Prevents damage to your phone from objects in your pockets, purse, or by dropping it. Gives your phone a fashionable and attractive look. Plug in your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.

Apple iPhone 5 / 5S Aztec Case – Spring Colored – Geometric – Black Slim Rubber Case

Personalize your phone with these wonderfully designed and hand constructed cases. choose the best design that reflects you. These images were specifically designed for cell phone cases in mind. Each able to awe and impress your closest friends and family.

Compatible with Apple iPhone 5 / 5S on all the major services such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and International.

These cases are made of high quality materials. The case consists of an slim flexible outer-shell. Provides maximum protection for a budget. Has good impact, drop, and screen defenses. The edges keep the phone from touching any flat surfaces. The case is not intended for water or other forms of liquid damage. Most of the ports and screen areas are exposed. Minimal bulk with optimal protection against everyday accidents. Making a great iPhone 5 / 5S Aztec Case. Making a great iPhone 5 / 5S Aztec Case.

Designed to last, the imagery infused on a coated plastic or aluminum insert. Each receiving all the benefits of the sublimation process. A permanent printing solution. Some of the benefits of the process are: vivid colors, less fading, less distortion, no cracking, and a natural looking distribution of color. Each of case’s images were inspired and created with a specific subject in mind. Some images may better represent the design goal/flavor better than others. All images are were created to satisfy and ignite the eyes and mind.

Disclaimer: Due to the transfer from digital to physical form the colors, saturation/contrast, hue, and reflective qualities may not be fully represented in the listing images.Due to the nature of hand construction the image’s position and rotation may vary.
Images depicting, described as, or suggesting textures or materials are all simulated by a flat image. Any defects such as jaggedness, blurriness, swatch pattern lines, or other visible attributes on the images will likely show up on the final product.

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